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Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is definitely one of the most popular conventional methods to regrow hair. Lasers are often used to remove hair, but high level lasers are used to get rid of unwanted hair follicles. In order for hair growth to be stimulated low level lasers will need to be used because they don’t release heat and won’t damage your hair.

How it Works

laser hair therapy

It’s believed that low level laser therapy will work better at promoting new growth in areas where you still have some hair left compared to growing new hair in areas that are totally bald. Once the balding area has been exposed to the laser light it stimulates growth by increasing both blood circulation and oxygen. Don’t expect to see immediate results after a few laser hair therapy treatments, as it can take up to a whole year to begin seeing new growth if any.

There are doctors that will recommend using a prescription medication for hair loss such as minoxidil in combination with the low level laser therapy. Also, if you do experience any kind of new growth on your scalp you must continue the laser therapy procedure to maintain the results you do experience.

There have been various studies on using laser therapy to help regrow hair, but more studies need to be conducted. With that being said, if you’re interested in giving low level laser therapy a go finding the right doctor to perform the procedure is essential.

Finding the Right Doctor

laser hair therapy cost

The first thing you need to do is find a doctor that has a good amount of experience when it comes to performing laser therapy for hair loss. The doctor should be able to determine why your hair fell out in the first place so the right treatment can be offered to you. You might not even need laser therapy depending on what caused your hair loss. Also, by knowing what caused your hair loss the doctor will be able to recommend taking a specific medication while undergoing your laser therapy sessions. Combining treatments can sometimes improve on the effectiveness on the other.

We recommend checking out this website to find experienced and affordable doctors who perform low level laser therapy for hair loss.

What Happens

When you get the laser therapy procedure done it will require you to sit under the device for a certain amount of time so the lasers can expose http://buydiazepambest.com your hair/scalp with the right amount of laser light for around twenty minutes. The doctor will be monitoring you the entire time while you are getting the procedure done.

After you start this treatment it will require you to get it performed a few times each week for up to six weeks. After the first six weeks you will only need to go back to your doctor’s office one time each week for about 4 months. If the doctor performing the laser procedure notices positive hair growth after this time you will only need to go in for periodic touch ups to maintain the new growth you’ve achieved.

When it comes to laser therapy there are two kind of devices that will be used. One is the fixed system and the other is a moving/rotational system. The rotational laser system is believed to work better for achieving new hair growth. When you consult your doctor about laser hair therapy make sure you ask about what kind of device would be better for your hair loss case.

In Home Laser Treatment

low level laser hair therapy

There are in home laser machines that you can use for hair loss. These low level laser therapy machines have some advantages in that they are cheaper and don’t require you to visit a doctor’s office regularly each week. However, though they’re much cheaper than using laser therapy devices at the doctor’s office these in home laser therapy devices can cost a lot of money to invest in.

We’ve talked to some of our subscribers who have tried in home laser therapy using handheld laser devices, and they prefer going to the doctor’s office to get the procedure done. Mainly because they get lazy or forget to perform the procedure the 4 to 5 times each week that’s required. If you’re looking for a good in home low level laser therapy to help promote hair growth we recommend checking out hairmax. It has a laser comb that has been approved by the FDA for hair loss treatment.

Potential Risks

There haven’t been any safety concerns reported when it comes to using low level therapy for hair loss. However, using laser hair therapy for a long period of time hasn’t been properly studied. Keep in mind that most products that are used for cosmetic reasons haven’t been cleared or approved by the FDA.



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