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How to Use Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

Even though there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence that saw palmetto can help hair loss sufferers, it’s one of the most popularly used herbal remedies for helping the hair grow. Before we get into how to use saw palmetto for hair loss let’s learn a little bit more about this plant.

What is Saw Palmetto

saw palmetto for hair loss

Saw palmetto is a small plant that produces berries that can be used for medical purposes. This plant can be found mainly in the southeastern areas of USA. Saw palmetto can be used as a natural treatment for several conditions including benign prostate gland enlargement and urinary problems.

How Does it Help with Hair Loss

Saw palmetto helps hair loss sufferers by blocking the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. For those of you who don’t know DHT is the male hormone responsible for most hair loss cases. Although saw palmetto has the potential to regrow hair, there isn’t a lot of scientific studies or evidence to prove that it does.

Are There Any Side Effects

Just because saw palmetto is considered an all natural remedy doesn’t mean it won’t cause side http://www.montauk-monster.com/pharmacy effects. People who take saw palmetto have reported experiencing side effects such as:

  • diarrhea
  • anxiety
  • vomiting
  • stomach pains
  • constipation
  • tenderness in the breast
  • enlarged breasts
  • decreased sexual desire
  • increased sexual desire
  • erectile dysfunction
  • hard stool

However, there are some people that take saw palmetto for their hair loss problems and don’t experience any side effects at all.

It’s also important to note that saw palmetto can react badly with certain medications such as blood thinners. Don’t use saw palmetto with other medications used to regrow hair like Propecia, because they work in the same way and your body might react badly to them being taken at the same time. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should avoid using saw palmetto altogether.

Moreover, though there can be side effects when taking herbs for hair loss like saw palmetto, they pale in comparison to the short term and long term side effects of pharmaceuticals and conventional medications.

How to Use It

saw palmetto female hair loss

There are several ways you can use saw palmetto for hair loss. The most popular way to use saw palmetto is to take it as a supplement in capsule form. For the best dosage it’s best to consult your doctor to find out what’s safe for you. Most of our subscribers that have added this herb to their daily hair regrowth regimen take around 160mg orally each day.

Start off with 160mg and watch how your body reacts to it. If all is fine slowly bump up your dosage intake to 500mg daily. The best way to take saw palmetto orally (by the mouth) is by taking liquid SP extract sofgels or take it in tablet form. Look for the ones that state standardized 85% to 95% fatty acids and active sterols on the label.

How Long Before You See Results

Most of our readers that reported back to us stated it took them at least 8 weeks before they began to see noticeable results from taking saw palmetto. This is the case whether you use medications or other natural remedies to regrow hair. Some experienced pretty good results in a shorter time because they were taking saw palmetto with other herbs known to block DHT or anti-androgens such aspygeum, beta sitosterol, and lycopene.¬†However, you can use saw palmetto by itself it just don’t expect fast results.

Where to Buy Saw Palmetto

You can purchase saw palmetto extract in softgel capsule or tablet form at any local pharmacy. We also recommend using websites like iherb.com or swansonvitamins.com to buy SP and other herbs at reasonable prices.

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