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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Pieces, Hair Replacement Systems, & Wigs

There are so many options out there today when it comes to hair replacement systems that it’s easy to get confused. Hair replacement systems are basically wigs used cover up evidence of hair loss. Wigs are also sometimes referred to as non surgical hair replacement systems, hair systems, and hair pieces. Most people turn to hair pieces for the following reasons:

  • Hide temporary hair loss.
  • Want hair transplant surgery but can’t afford it.
  • Scared to get surgery.
  • Have tried medications like finasteride with no luck.

The key to choosing the right wig or hair system is to choose one that is hard to detect. You want to take your time and do a decent amount of research before you invest in a wig, as they can be pretty pricey. Moreover, the cost to maintain the wig over a long period of time can really add up. Most quality wigs will need to be replaced every 12 to 24 months.

Materials Used for Wigs

hair replacement systems

The quality and price of the wig you get will depend on the material it is made out of. Also, the quality and price of the wig will depend greatly on whether or not it is hand-made or machine-made. The most common materials wigs are created with include:

  • Animal Hair – Yak, Horse, and Goat hairs are the most popular types of hair that wigs are made out of. These are the less expensive option compared to human hair, which often cost a few hundred bucks.
  • Human Hair – Hair pieces made out of human hair will often cost as much as $1,200. Wigs created with human hair are usually the most natural looking and feeling, but they cost the most initially and cost the most to maintain.
  • Synthetic Hair –  The most inexpensive type of hair piece of them all are ones made out of synthetic material. These hair systems often cost as low as $50, but the quality is usually not that great.
  • Human and Synthetic Hair – There are some hair replacement systems that are made using a combination of human and synthetic hair.

Machine-made wigs are less expensive than hand-made wigs as they look more realistic. Hand-made wigs are sewn in one by one so that the hair falls and moves more naturally. It’s much more easier to style hand-made wigs compared to wigs made by a machine.

Human VS. Synthetic Hair

hair pieces

If you choose to go with a human hair wig go with finer hairs to get a more natural look and feel. Keep in mind though that wigs made out of finer human hair will cost more money compared to wigs made out of thick hairs. Quality wigs are often sewn together one hair at a time while less expensive wigs are glued together.

If you choose to go with a synthetic wig keep in mind that it won’t have a more natural appearance compared to human hair. Synthetic wigs are made out of monofilaments such as Kanekalon.

The biggest advantage synthetic wigs have over human hair wigs is that it’s less expensive. Another advantage is the fact that you won’t have to wait for your new hair to get custom made, as you can get it the way it is the day you purchase it.

The biggest disadvantage of a synthetic wig is the fact that you can’t style it the way you would a wig made out of human hair. You can’t perm synthetic wigs and the original color you purchased it in can’t be changed. Also, concealing your hair loss with synthetic wigs is much more difficult than if you went with human hair.

Choosing The Right Hair Replacement Style


When choosing a hair replacement system you have to go with the right style for you. There are shops you can go to that specialize in hair systems that can be a great deal of help.

These shops have salespeople that are very knowledgeable when it comes to finding the right hair piece to suit http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antidepressants/ your needs. To find these shops you can go online or look through the phone book.

When you start your search go to more than one hair replacement shop to get all the different options available to you. Always go with a hair piece that has a color that fits your skin tone and the shape of your face. The salespeople in the shop you decide to go with can help you with choosing the right style.

Wig Measurements

hair pieces

Just like a uniquely customized suit a wig can be customized to fit the individual needs of a person. A wig maker will measure you for a wig by holding a cloth measuring tape against your scalp.

mesh foundation cut to the size of your head is the beginning stage of this process. Once the fabric mesh is in place the wig maker will then place individual hairs into it one at a time.

How to Take Care of Your Wig

human hair replacement system

Taking care of your hair system is key if you want it to maintain a natural appearance for a long time. Just like your own hair you have to style, wash, and even trim your hair piece.

Hair Systems Made From Human Hair

There are curling irons and other styling tools designed specifically for wigs in order to prevent damage to the hair replacement system. When it’s time to clean your hair system take your time and remove from your head first.

You’ll also need to take out any tangles it may have before cleaning by using a fine comb or you can simply use your fingers. Stains can be removed from your hair piece by scrubbing it with a toothbrush and warm water.

When you wash your wig you can use shampoo just like you would your natural hair, but make sure you use a conditioner on it after you wash it. As you can imagine, you can wash a wig made out of human hair more often than you can a synthetic made wig. After you wash your wig just let it air dry instead of drying it with a blow dryer, as this can damage the hair piece.

Hair Systems Made From Synthetic Material

Since the quality of synthetic wigs are not as great as human hair wigs you have to be mindful of how often you wash your wig. Washing and conditioning your synthetic wig after every 15 to 20 wears is a good way to go.

If you wash your wig more than 1 time per week the synthetic material won’t last that long. When you do wash your synthetic wig never do so with hot water.

Hot water can damage the synthetic fibers so always use water that is lukewarm at best. When you dry the wig do so with a dry towel instead of a blow dryer, as a blow dryer can melt the synthetic fibers.


There is a great misconception that wig wearing is only for women. However, men suffering from hair loss can benefit from using hair systems as a solution.

The first day wearing your hair replacement system can make you feel a little uncomfortable and self-conscious. This is normal as you have to give yourself time to get adjusted to it, and after a while it will feel more familiar on your head.

When you first start wearing your new hair piece in public you may feel a little strange (this is normal). People are going to stare or have questions for you when you show up with a new head of hair overnight. Have answers ready for them and try to beat them to it by telling them upfront about your new hairdo.

You can get the cost of a wig covered by your insurance company if your hair loss is due to a medical treatment like chemotherapy. If you’re a cancer patient looking for a wig there are organizations that actually recycle wigs for this purpose.



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