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Employers' Information

Over half of the businesses in New York self-fund their employee healthcare benefit program. HealthBest Direct has the expertise and the infrastructure to bring employers and local healthcare providers together to create a flexible quality health plan. For a complimentary evaluation of the cost savings to your organization, please visit our contacts page.

Here are some of the primary benefits of a partnership with HealthBest. You are sure to find some compelling reasons to contact HealthBest for further discussions:

Flexibility in Benefit Design

Flexibility and accommodation are the key components employers want in a healthcare plan include

Combining the best features of two types of health insurance plans - the flexibility of traditional medical insurance with the comprehensive benefits of health maintenance organizations - will arm any employer with the tools to satisfy employee needs.

How does HealthBest work for the employer?

  • Control cost with competitive physician fee schedules, hospital discounts and stop-loss insurance.
  • Eliminate the need for other healthcare alternatives by satisfying employee needs with our plan design and pricing.
  • HealthBest will design a healthcare plan that will fit the needs of your employees, permitting you to transition into a more cost-effective alternative, which incorporates the design elements necessary for a successful healthcare program.

Employee Choice

"Choice" what employers tell us they want in a healthcare plan. Employees can choose to use either their "In Organization" or "Out of Organization" benefit.

HealthBest offers you the largest organization of physicians available in Central New York, many of whom are leaders in their specialties, with over 100 physician members listed among the Best Doctors in America.

Choices available within the HealthBest Organization include:

  • Comprehensive Primary Care Network
  • Pharmacy
  • Pediatric Subspecialties
  • Wound Centers
  • Extensive OB/GYN Network
  • Centers for Diabetes
  • Specialists in 70 fields of specialty
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Sports Medicine
  • Women's Health Centers
  • Allied and Ancillary Panel
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Behavioral Health Network
  • Community and tertiary inpatient facilities
  • A diverse, experienced staff located at our Syracuse corporate office supports administrative operations.

Why Should You Choose HealthBest?

QUALITY: HealthBest facilitates communication among employer, patient and health plan creating a more efficient environment for the delivery of care and optimizing outcomes for the patient. HealthBest providers meet or exceed HMO quality standards. All providers are credentialed in accordance with N.C.Q.A. standards. Over 100 HealthBest physicians are members of The Best Doctors in America.

COST: Save 10-20%. HealthBest is an alternative to the traditional insurance model, and can significantly reduce administrative costs for your company. HealthBest can provide detailed reports of your employees' utilization of heath care services. These reports can assist you in identifying and correcting areas of over-utilization, which drive up your healthcare costs.

FLEXIBILITY: HealthBest will design a healthcare program that fits your needs, and the needs of your employees.

CHOICE: HealthBest's organization has over 1000 physicians, including the largest choice of Pediatricians, Pediatric specialists and Pediatric sub-specialists of any other physician directed organization in Central New York.

Practice Protocols

HealthBest is committed to developing a more effective approach to the treatment of frequently occurring and costly healthcare problems, through our peer review quality management process.

Why is this important to you as an employer?

Healthy Workforce = Less Absenteeism

HealthBest believes that education of the patient and his or her family members, along with effective monitoring, produces a healthier lifestyle that impacts lost time at work resulting from this condition.

Patient Satisfaction = More Productive Workforce

Physicians within the HealthBest Organization utilize the most up-to-date information to develop specialty specific protocols. This ensures maximum outcomes for the patient.

Quality Improvement Initiatives = Savings for Employers

HealthBest monitors the availability, accessibility, quality of care and utilization of healthcare services provided to your employees.

HealthBest provides care management services to support your employees in making quality and cost effective healthcare choices.

Competitive Pricing

Employers surveyed report that cost is one of the most significant factors that influence their company's selection of a healthcare plan.

Would you like to save approximately 10-20% of your current plan's healthcare benefit costs, and still have a high quality program for your employees?

How Can HealthBest Be of Assistance to Your Company?

  • HealthBest reduces administrative costs by eliminating the insurance carrier.
  • HealthBest aggressively pursues contracts with providers resulting in savings for the employer.
  • HealthBest assists in keeping healthcare dollars in Central New York.
  • HealthBest utilizes competitive fee schedules.
  • HealthBest provides physician-directed medical management.
  • HealthBest delivers high quality care management.

Underwriting and Actuarial Services

Your benefits personnel will profit from the expertise of our actuarial staff at no extra charge to you.

HealthBest wants your healthcare plan to be successful. Our staff of professionals from managed care, actuarial and underwriting fields are available to assist your benefits personnel in performing the fiscal responsibilities associated with your employee health plan.


  • Price new benefit plans and plan changes.
  • Calculate premium equivalents for budgeting and setting employee contributions.
  • Analyze claims experience and identify emerging trends.
  • Calculate claims reserve.
  • Project plan costs.
  • Analyze stop loss needs and evaluate carriers.

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