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Employers' Information

Over half of the businesses in New York self-fund their employee healthcare benefit program. HealthBest Direct has the expertise and the infrastructure to bring employers and local healthcare providers together to create a flexible quality health plan. For a complimentary evaluation of the cost savings to your organization, please visit our contacts page.

Here are some of the primary benefits of a partnership with HealthBest. You are sure to find some compelling reasons to contact HealthBest for further discussions:

Flexibility and accommodation are the key components employers want in a healthcare plan include read

Thoughtful Gifts for Newborns

A gift is much appreciated if it includes effort and thoughtfulness. It should not be necessarily expensive, extravagant and huge to be acknowledged by the person you might give it to. Perhaps, a baby that is so innocent and fragile might think of a gift as such an item to be added inside the nursery room. Therefore, even the most exquisite gift could make them unhappy.

Baby gifts are supposed to have a special meaning that can make a baby smile. There are some who thinks about it for a matter of days and takes a lot of effort before handing it to the baby. There are lots of gift ideas that are spreading in the internet right now for the thought of pleasing a young baby. For mom redu shaper, the ideal gift is a weight loss program

Baby gift baskets are commonly given to newborn children containing different kinds of baby stuffs such as clothes, different sizes of feeding bottles, special pillows, and stuffed toys that come in different designs for baby boys and girls. You could never go wrong with this gift idea for it can be unisex in nature just by balancing the contents and color of the basket. read

Medical Insurance

Question: What does it mean to be self-funded or self-insured?

Answer: In New York, approximately 78 percent of the businesses, with over 300 covered lives, self-fund their employee healthcare benefit program. Businesses like self-insured plans because they are exempt from some state regulation, premium taxes and reserve requirements. A self-funded or self-insured health plan is one in which the employer assumes some or all of the financial risk for providing healthcare benefits to their employees. An employer funds a self-insured plan through cash deposits into a special tax-free trust. Companies realize the actuarial benefits over time and may cut costs by directly paying employee healthcare claims versus purchasing insurance. Since most employers do not have the resources to administer the program, a percentage of the fund is utilized to contract out administrative services.

Question: What does it mean to direct contract?

Answer: Direct contracting is the creation of a contractual relationship between a health benefit plan, operated by a self-insured employer, and a healthcare provider organization. Under a direct contracting arrangement, the participating healthcare providers agree to deliver services to the self-insured business and the plan beneficiaries. By removing the insurance company from the equation, as well as the associated expense, accountability and communication is directly established between businesses (payer), the healthcare organization (providers of service) and the employees (patients) and products (Crepe Erase). read

Memorial Recognition With Wonderful Wind Chimes

When people want to remember their beloved who have passed away as well as to soothe their relatives and friends who are experiencing this great loss, a definite memorial can be of significant help. Different memorials for a beloved person can offer numerous features, nevertheless, all of them have something special reminding of the departed person. There's an engraved memento that personalizes people's remembrance. The wind plate of chimes may be decorated with special images and words filled with deep meaning and addressed to the beloved person. A widow(-er) and children can wish to create an engraving of a sailboat on the lake. It will be an excellent present for a mother whose young daughter had spent much time on her favorite lake. Many other ideas can be realized including creating specific pictures of trees or mountains to honor the memory of the person who was keen on spending time outdoors. It can be a cross as an embodiment of the power the family members have due to their faith.

Working with an engraved wind chime will take much time but a high-quality wind chime is extremely useful for a person who needs to make a pause, to think over life, even to enjoy the smallest things in their everyday life. Usually, the sounds of a wind chime are helpful for relaxation and meditation. A wind chime offers a great variety of different melodious chords and grating metal. Higher good quality hand tuned wind chimes are created with various tunings that make us think of the lost peoples.

There's one interesting story. A medium sized Himalayan tuning made an individual guy think of his late nephew's singing voice and of his sister's voice. A mother selected a small Stardust wind chime to memorialize her small girl. The family members decided to create an excess-massive earthsong wind chime that would remind of the strength of their son who lost his life in another country. read

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